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Ghosts and Hauntings: Spooky Things in the House

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Ghosts and Hauntings: Spooky Things in the House

Post by IT`IO`IR`IQ`IU`IE on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:37 am

This is the first time i've posted on a site like this, hoping someone can explain any of this? We moved houses about 11 years ago. I always claimed to my mum seeing someone stood at the top of the stairs which she always said was silly. A few years ago my next door neighbours died, I was very close to them, they were like an extra set of grandparents. A woman down the road told them she would look after their house if anything happend and she got it after they died. She never looked after it and have pretty much destroyed it now. Ever since they died, strange things have happend. My tv goes fuzzy when there is no reason why it should and never happens when I get my dad to have a look at it. Things just fall out of nowhere, such as an hour ago I was sitting talking to my mum. We were both watching my dad outside and something gold fell off the shelves. When we looked, the only thing we found was the cd player which was on the floor beneath the shelves, it had been nowhere near them at all. About a year ago we found out a woman had died in this house, she fell down the stairs and wasn't found for three days. Her room is where I sleep. My bulbs blow every few weeks, in the rest of the house this doesn't tend to happen at all. My stuff goes missing all the time even when I know where it should be. No one else who lives here which is my brother and parents have had any of this happen. It happens when I'm home alone as well so I know it can't be any of them playing jokes on me. My dog tends to just stare at nothing sometimes, but I assumed that was because she's getting old. My uncle died a few years ago, my cousins rang us in the middle of the night screaming he was dead. We were very close to him and I've always joked about how he watches over me and stops me getting seriously hurt since I seem to be very accident prone but every time something serious happens I'm fine... The weirdest thing I've experienced so far happened a few weeks ago. Our toilet is downstairs, these houses were built about 60 years ago for workers who built the dams near our house. They knocked down a village to put in the dam, my grandma always tells me about how they had to carry coffins from the church down to the church in our village at night. My grandad died when my mum was 17, long before I was born. My mum says that the night before her wedding she saw him sitting on the end of her bed. All my uncles and my aunt claim the same thing. As I came out the toilet I saw a man walk past me, I assumed it was my dad and thought nothing of it. I headed upstairs and past my dad on the way. I asked him when he'd come upstairs since I had just seen him go into the living room. He said he'd been upstairs all afternoon. I then realized that the man I had past could not have been my Dad. He had more hair and it was more grey than my dads, and also a few feet smaller. The weird part is, when I passed the man, it felt normal, like he belonged here. I know the people who lived here before me and they said that they had tvs turning off for no reason and lamps going off. Ever since I was 5 I've had the feeling I've been watching in this house. No one ever believed me when I said it was haunted and that there was someone at the top of the stairs. Can anyone explain any of this for me? I've put in as much extra info in as I can, some of it might just be useless.

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