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Ghosts and Demons

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Ghosts and Demons

Post by IT`IO`IR`IQ`IU`IE on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:35 am

by Clovis

This is something that haunts me today. Coming from a religious background, I can say I do believe and I have lived it. Growing up in a home with a parent as a preacher we lived pretty much in the Church. As I became a grown woman with kids of my own, I have not pushed religion on my kids as my parents did to me. So here we go.

I lived in a town south of St. Louis and I lived on private land. I was raising my three sons and three stepsons. Believe me when I say raising all boys is a challenge but not the challenge I had thrown at me within weeks. I had received a call from a neighbor one morning asking that I go up to the high school with her to confront the Principal on the fact that they were getting ready to take computer time away from her daughter and my son for researching devil worship on the school's computers. I was outraged at this and was ready to fight for my son's rights.

On the car ride with the other mother, I began to hear she was starting to have problems with her daughter and strange behavior she was exhibiting. I began to wonder if this had anything to do with my son. "No, not my son!" I thought. Well, I was in the meeting with the principal and I was learning what was to become a frightening fight with the devil. I was amazed to learn my son was researching such things and was researching a little too much. After the meeting I went home and went straight to his room.

I began to ransack my son's room looking for anything that could lead me to what in the heck was going on. He was 16 and I felt as if I was not suppose to invade his privacy, but this mother needed answers since my son was not talking. I found tarot cards and also some hardback books that contained rituals for summoning guardians and all kinds of dark things. I could not translate the words in the book, but my son knew them all too well. I took everything I could find, threw them in a pile and burned them.

Well the kids had one chore to do when they came home. Then they had the evening to get homework studies done and then the evening was theirs. I heard my oldest son slamming the dishes around into the dishwasher. I went into the kitchen to ask him to stop. He grabbed me by both wrists and growled at me to leave him alone and that no one was going to tell him what to do ever again. I yelled at him to take a walk and calm down. He made a call to the police department telling them to get out to our house because he was getting ready to hurt his mom. That is what started what I am about to tell you.

I did not learn until Christmas 2009 what my son actually had done to his family in this house. I was sitting up late one night with all lights off, watching TV, waiting to put the wood in the wood furnace to keep heat in the house while everyone slept. I heard the faucet in the kitchen come on and heard sounds as if someone was drinking water. I asked who was up, retrieved myself from the recliner and went to the kitchen in a matter of minutes. But no one was there. Now let me remind you I did not know about my son and his devil activities until later, after all these things happened. I went to the furnace and stoked the fire and came back in from the blistering cold and went to bed. A few nights later, I shut the house down and fell asleep again. I went and tucked all the boys in with extra blankets and picked up a their things from the floor and went to bed. I had been asleep about 35 minutes according to the clock when all at once I was awakened by a presence standing beside my bed. It felt strange and very evil. I was afraid to open my eyes, afraid of what I might see. I lay there for about ten minutes, then decided to count to five and jumped to turn on the light to see no one there.

I felt very uneasy at what I felt. I ran to the three other bedrooms checking on the kids to see not one of them had moved from their position from when I tucked them in with blankets before retiring. The whole time I was walking back to my room, I felt as if I was not alone. I crawled back into bed and snuggled very close to my husband and lay there for about 30 minutes before I fell asleep again.

The next day my second oldest son came to me and said, "Mom, there is a man looking at me from the window." Now mind you the window was about ten feet off the ground. We looked and there were no tracks in the snow outside the window. Another time I was putting firewood into the furnace and I saw a man walk across the wide-open yard in the dark but when I took a second glance, no one was around. I was having a gathering of some friends from church when I was talking to a preacher on the front deck of this same house. About six months later, I saw him look over my shoulder and gaze with his eyes as if he was watching someone. I looked behind me to see nothing, but asked him what was he looking at. He just shook his head and said he'd seen something and it was not of God.

If that was not enough! I have gone through a divorce and abuse before the divorce from a man that never would have hurt me before. The abuse got worse and the fights got bigger. I stayed in a depressed mode all the time.

Now that I have been remarried and live away from that dark, evil home, my life is great. I am married to a wonderful man. I am living happily. At Christmas I received a Christmas card from a church friend from that town and she told me something that totally freaked me out. This out seven years later, and keep in mind I was embarrassed about my oldest son messing around with the devil research and playing around with that crap, so I told no one of all that had happen. This friend began to tell me that my ex-husband was renting to several different families. One family moved into the house in May and the following Nov of the same year, they left. Her daughter had a friend that was moving in and she was watching them move furniture in and saw this big black mass that she describes to be a demon in the doorway. She is very certain that she saw this.

I know the evil I felt living there. I talked to my second oldest son after talking to this old friend from that town. He told me things that sent a chill right up my spine. He told me he watched his older brother summon a guardian to protect and watch over himself. My second oldest son began to tell me how his older brother had wanted his younger brother to start learning and reading these books, but he refuses to be a part of this. I asked a few people who have authority in this area to find out what my son may have done behind closed doors that may have invited whatever this is into that house.

This story is true. I lived it. Now what has happen to the oldest son? His life is really messed up and all bad follows him wherever he goes. As my second eldest son said, something latched onto him and it is not letting him go.

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