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Conversing with the Boy Ghost

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Conversing with the Boy Ghost

Post by IT`IO`IR`IQ`IU`IE on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:33 am

My experience took place at my friend's house as I slept on his couch. All I can tell you is what I remember. This is my one and only ghostly experience.

My friend normally leaves his T.V.'s on in his living room and bedroom all night, but I can't stand T.V.'s on while I sleep so I turned the one in the living room off. I didn't sleep for most of the night. I was about half asleep when things started getting weird. I had a weird feeling as though there was a little boy or girl around as the early morning hours approached. As the sun came up I heard what sounded like a small child playing on the kitchen floor behind me.

All of a sudden, a little boy that looked to be about four years of age sat on a separate couch next to me. I could see right through him. I said, "I was wondering what that was." He giggled.

I talked to him for a long time. I asked him how old he was, and he said, "Seven." I asked him when his birthday was and he said, "June 16. My birthday is next week." I found out hours later that his birthday was a couple of days before.

The boy only looked to be about four years of age even though he said he was seven. I regret never asking him what his name was. I didn't talk to him about death or ask him how he died. At one point I started to ask him a question and it turned into an undistinguished mumble which made us both giggle. I told him that I was sorry for what had happened and he said, "That's alright."

I asked him if he liked it there and he said, "It's alright." As I looked around, the room seemed disordered as though there were other invisible objects in the room. I asked him if he would stand in front of me. As he approached, he got harder and harder to see, but I could still see him faintly. He just seemed like a good, happy little boy and was nothing to be afraid of.

I was laying on my left side with my left hand out farther than my right hand. I asked him if he would touch my hand. He touched my left hand and I said, "Wow." He giggled. I was expecting to feel a cold finger, but instead the touch felt like static electricity. We talked a while longer and then I asked him to touch my hand again. This time he touched my other hand that I wasn't expecting him to touch. We both giggled.

After talking a little longer I asked if he would stand in front of me again, but I asked him to stand on the corner of the rug so I would know where he was standing. I couldn't see him this time so I started looking around. He said, "Can you see me? I'm over here! I noticed that I was coming out of the trance or whatever it was so I said, "I guess I'll see you again" and he said, "Yea."

I later told my friend about this experience and he just laughed about it. Later my friend told his girlfriend about it and she said, "Don't you remember that the landlord had a little boy that died in his sleep three years ago in the house because of heart trouble? This experience was so real to me, but when I heard what had really happened in the house it just solidified everything a lot more.

I just wish that everyone could experience this sort of thing because it can change the way you look at things so drastically. I'm sorry that I can't remember the whole conversation between the boy and i, but I guarantee you that this is all true and drug free. I wish someone could tell me more about this trance like state I was in that allowed me to communicate with the dead.

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