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Haunted House for Sale

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Haunted House for Sale

Post by IT`IO`IR`IQ`IU`IE on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:29 am

by Jonno

This is creepy, trust me.

I was looking for a new house to buy when I spotted it with my wife. It was a lovely house with a view to die for and when we went to see how much it cost, the estate agent said it cost £3000. We were like, "Woahhhh ...... how much......?" Obviously, we said we would buy it but the estate agent man said to spend a day in it first because it is haunted.

I have to be honest: before this I never believed in ghosts; it was all rubbish to me. Not any more however.

So we all went to spend the night there to see for ourself this "haunted house".

We put the kids to bed and had an early night. We settled down and after we had been asleep about two hours, a girl came into our room. We were half asleep so we thought it was our daughter saying she couldn't sleep so we just told her to go to sleep. But this girl pulled her cloth over her head which we hadn't seen her wearing and this face of an old lady said, "Why were you angry with me mummy?" and after that, we just screamed.

The whole house just shook and well ..... I don't know really, objects flew across the room and these ghosts all came and circled us. We didn't know what had hit us at all.

Dawn came and the sun came out and birds sang sweetly overhead. It was a crazy night to explain but we just legged it the next day and never looked back.

The £3000 just wasn't worth what we experienced that night....scary.

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