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Worry lines

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Worry lines

Post by IT`IO`IR`IQ`IU`IE on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:24 am

I see on her face many worry lines
She seems unable to push or sideline
So for everything was fine and in order
I think she is now getting older

Yes she can not be defeated
She can not be underestimated
Whether problems remain solved or related
She is there for me and as such indicated

She has words to keep
She does not mix or slip
She know for sure not to weep
So has she the road very steep

I know she will carry till end
Am not merely his close friend
It must be something more
She is more vocal therefore

I know she will love me up to last
She has take up her position very fast
It is in no uncertain terms
She knows wounds may get some germs

She can’t afford to sleep for a while
She has to remain awake and walk for miles
As road ahead of her is full of danger
She has to take care of many strangers

She would want me to go along
Even if something is going wrong
She has finest quality of forgiveness
As she has stood for righteousness

The clouds may disappear anytime
It unseats us for sometimes
Worry simply creates flutter in unstable mind
Even though you try to remain calm and kind

I would stand behind you as solid rock
The time may simply pass on in clock
Yes we may march on with all that smoothness
There won’t be any worry left to trace

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