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Post by Francis on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:04 pm

Darkspore (2011/PC/ENG/BETA) | 145 MB

Darkspore - a new look at the action genre, which develops incredible moves! Billions of years Krogenitory scoured the galaxy, changing lives and giving it new forms. Once in a fit of his boundless pride they had a chance to create something that came out of their control - Darkspore. Threat looming over the entire galaxy. Using the energy of the E-DNA, Darkspore transformed the population of planets in hordes of mutants. His only goal was to capture the dominance of all the planets. You - the fugitive, who was forced into hiding for a thousand years. And making plans to reconstitute the arsenal of genetic characters. Expect a battle with Darkspore. Now is the time of reckoning!

-Try yourself in the universe Darkspore: fi Action-RPG with a dynamic storyline, where you have to fight in other worlds to save the galaxy from the forces of mutated Darkspore.
-Attack of the planet in a joint mode, fight hordes of fighters Darkspore and their leaders.
-Collect an arsenal of fighters, each of whom will have different combat skills, improve them with tens of thousands of prefabricated parts of the body and armor.
-Create a truly unique creature and add the distinctive features of the award-winning editor beings Spore.
-Deploy your created creatures in the arena against other players' creatures.
-Systematically destroying foci of infection Darkspore and free up the galaxy in a unique, every time a new, dynamic fantastic campaign.
-In Darkspore players wait dynamic battle in strange worlds, the struggle to save the galaxy from the hordes of mutants in a joint mode for four players and a full single player campaign, as well as intense collective fights. In order to defeat the sinister Darkspore players to collect an arsenal of weapons of living - genetic characters with different fighting abilities - and improve them by tens of thousands of body parts and armor.
-The game will be presented Darkspore heroes three unique classes and five genetic types with unlimited possibilities for changes and improvements implemented using details that players will find different levels of the planet. As the story tension will grow, players will encounter new worlds and enemy forces, to fight that need to choose the right team and the right combination of abilities of genetic characters.

System requirements:
* O / S: Win XP or later
Processor: P4 3 GHz, Intel Core 2 Due 2 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB or more
* Hard disk: Up to 10 GB of free space
* Video: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800, ATI X1900 or more advanced
* Requires a broadband Internet connection (note: the beta version is not recommended to use a wireless connection)

1. Unpack
2. Set
3. Refresh
4. Register at https: / / / beta
5. Play

Download Darkspore (2011/PC/ENG/BETA):

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