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Post by Francis on Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:20 am

After how many months of releasing jProxy in pinoywap i finally decided to blog about it. I really don't have the time because I got my hands full with more important things but i finally got the time to do so.

To start up let me tell some few things about what is jProxy pys60.

jProxy is proxy manager for nokia symbian os programmed using pys60(python for symbian os). Using jProxy you can set your browser or other internet applications to connection behind a proxy. I screw in explaining stuffs. Sorry..

Whats the use? Some application doesn't support proxy and your internet service providers (ISP) may requires you to use the proxy and port they provided for you to be able to send and recieve internet data.

I don't have the time to make a documentation for jProxy but i'll try to cover some informations in this post.

Current release versions are versions 0.10, 0.11 both are beta test and version 0.29 which is a unofficial release.

jProxy v0.10-0.11 beta test

Version 0.10-0.11 is the first beta test only working for GLOBE users in philippines which means it will not work in other service providers. You can not set the proxy since proxy is hardcoded in the program it self.

Version supports:
*s60v2 os7.0(fp1), os8.0(fp2), os8.1(fp3)
*not tested in s60v1.

Version requirements:
::python module Miso1.39 or higher
::symbian os7.0 or higher(not tested in os6.0)

Version features:
::Defaul proxy set with cgi trick (GLOBE.)
::jproxy url (http protocol only)
:::MMS browsing trick version 0.11 only (GLOBE)

You don't want to use this beta versions.

jProxy v0.29 unofficial

After the release of the beta version alot of jProxy users requested for a more flexible version so i decide to quick program the next version. So quick that i didn't have time to think much about it's features. But i added some stuffs that hopefully satisfy the users like custom proxy and port, front domain and default access point.

Version supports:
*s60v2 os7.0(fp1), os8.0(fp2), os8.1(fp3)
*not tested in s60v1.
I heard someone was able to port v0.29 for s60v3.

Version requirements:
:::python module Miso1.39 or higher
::symbian os7.0 or higher(not tested in os6.0)

Version features:
::customize settings

>>proxy to connect(required).
>>may be ip(IPv4) or domain name

>>port to connect(required).
>>integer(80, 53, etc) not sure for ssl.

::>>front domain
>>automatically adds a string in front of the requested url(optional).
>>for http protocol only.
>>exp. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] domain)

:::>>default access point
>>access point to connect(optional).
>>default is Ask User.

::jproxy url (http protocol only)

to use jProxy internet access point modification is required. I assume you have already installed jProxy on your phone.

First create a new access point and name it jProxy. (Don't be so Noob in creating new access point.)

Set the access point provided by your internet service provider (ISP).
GLOBE Tel.(ph):
SMART Tel.(ph): internet
SUN Tel.(ph)): minternet


Go to Advance settings and set the following.
Proxy server address:
Proxy port: 529

then open Jproxy Set your desired proxy and port. Must be valid to be able to connect.

start jproxy and start browsing!


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